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MysonLight Vintage & Couture was born out of passion for fashion and out of  love for my son Light Haniel, who as what I always say, the pure joy and love of my life.  And this was the reason the said name was born,  for the world to know that the Light I have right now is the reason I am sharing my love for  old-fashion elegance, knowing that the ingredients for  classy yet unique girls wear  and ladies wear are to be found in decades long gone.

MysonLight Coutures’ most recent designs, are whimsical representations of this, whilst also bearing the timeless trademarks that she has become renowned for. Delicate frocks  and frills, crochets, rosettes, vintage lace that transcends time, romantic florals, shabby chic, pastels aplenty and ruffles that you can gladly lose yourself in.

MysonLight Coutures’ array of frocks and accessories are designed from newborn through 12 years of age, designed for babies, toddlers and kids wear that will make them feel that oh-so-girly princess charm.

MysonLight Vintage & Couture collection also includes ladies wear, boys wear and accessories that you will definitely love.